On this page you are able to find frequently asked questions by users and their related answers. For any further information or clarifications you can contact us at the addresses listed at the bottom of the webpage.


I don't live in Italy. Could I take part in the contest?

Of course, our aim is to spread the "geological culture" everywhere and there are no restrictions.

What is the deadline for submitting my video?

You have to send the video by filling in the registration form and attach a copy of your ID. by June 3, 2018, at 24:00.

What is the maximum length of the video to be sent?

3 minutes, 180 seconds, no more! Watch out! You must declare the length of your video in the participation form. Videos longer than 180 seconds will not be accepted. This applies to all three categories.

I am a minor, can I participate?

Yes, but mom, dad, or legal tutor, must authorize your participation, please fill out the required fields on the registration form and send us a copy of your ID.

I have no experience, nor professional equipment. What I do?

Don't get discouraged, you can use a digital camera that, in most cases, can record good quality videos. Or use your smartphone. A tripod is often useful, and pay attention to the light: especially if you need to record inside a house or in a laboratory, make sure there is sufficient light, reordered videos always seem darker than we see them with the naked eye. Sound: you need an external microphone (eg. A "lavalier"), because the quality of the sound picked up by the cameras is strongly affected by background noise.

How may I "cut and paste" my footage to obtain a three-minute video?

Regarding the so-called "video editing" you need good software; there are several free, e.g. Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac. You need to pay if you want to utilize professional software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Audio must be added to the video, otherwise the video won't be understood. One idea is to show it to different people of different ages to hear their impressions and maybe make some corrections.

May I include copyrighted music or movies in my video?

No. Before you post the video you must make sure you can use the music you have chosen without violating copyright. It's illegal to utilize copyright material and would not be accepted by either SGI or YouTube.
Solutions: You could always search your favorite music on websites such as:


Furthermore you can find sound effects from:

We do not recommend using film or photo material from other authors, because of the difficulty to obtain necessary permits.


What are the format requirements for my video?

The videos will be used on the internet, or in other public screenings and events, and it is therefore advised to submit an HD version (1920x1080). Mandatorily, the maximum duration is 3 minutes; longer videos will be rejected. Videos will adopt an aspect ratio 16:9. Formats allowed are: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV; Frame rate admitted: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, o 60; audio codec: AAC-LC. Bitrate video suggested is 12 Mbps; bitrate audio 384 Kbps.

May I include children in my video?

Yes, but you have to request and receive written permission from their parents. Make sure to keep these documents, SGI might ask you to show the consent of all the people in the video shooting, not just the children.

The video may contain advertising messages or brands?

Videos should not have advertising purposes. It's however legitimate to mention the institution or company you belong to.

How do you judge the videos?

The videos will first be viewed by the Selection Committee, which will verify the absence of offensive content and assess the relevance to the contest's categories. Then, the members of the Panel of Judges, the Honorary Committee, and the SGI Council will individually evaluate the videos based on their creativity, technical realization, storytelling, communicative.

How do I upload a video and submit the application form?

Don't worry: Fill in all the fields in the registration form, including the address from where we can download your video.

How do I know if my application is properly received by "On The Rocks"?

A confirmation message will be sent by the contest staff, to the email address you have indicated on the registration form.

What will I do after submitting my video?

Let your friends know that you're online! Tell them to "like" your contribution, and to spread the word. On June 15, you might have been selected as finalist. If you won't be selected, do not despair! You can still win the Special Prize of the Italian Geological Society.

How do I know if my video has been selected?

We'll notify you via your email address. Check, however, the YouTube channel of the contest from 15 of June to see if your video has been commented by the Selection Committee.

Where will the voting take place?

The voting by the Selection Committee, the Panel of Judges, the Honorary Committee, and the SGI Council will be held, (in person or through conference call), at the headquarters of the Italian Geological Society.

Where will the awarding take place?

The award ceremony will be held 12 of September, 2018 in Catania, at the SGI congress.

If I will win, how do I collect my prize?

The Secretariat of the Italian Geological Society will assist you in the necessary administrative procedures.