At last, the committees of "On the Rocks" expressed their final judgment! Below is the list of prize winners and links to their films. Congratulations to all participants for their work!

miglior film otr

Best On the Rocks 2021 film Prize

can suyu

Can Suyu, Water is Life

By Anıl GÖK

A warning for the future and an invitation to everyone to do something for the environment, because there are many small buckets that can make the sea.


Best Story Prize

tra terra e cielo

Tra terra e cielo: viaggio nel paese che resiste all'erosione

By W. Capella, F. Ghiggi, G. Peruzzi

To all intents, a mini-documentary on a famous Italian case history, a work ready to be sent to mainstream broadcasts.


Best Screenplay Prize

beauty oxides

Beauty Oxides

By Laure Gatuingt, Hugo Cayla

A story that intrigues from the first images and makes us think about how nature and man do not have the same aesthetic sense.


Best Outreach Prize

lab life

Lab life under pressure: how to investigate the Earth's interior

By Carla Tiraboschi

Clear and simple, as Giulio Verne would have liked to explain his impossible adventure in the center of the Earth.


Best Student film Prize

pennichnus formosae

Pennichnus formosae-Homes of Ancient Bobbit Worm

By Yu Yen Pan

A good argument - say monstrous - capable of suggestion. And set among curious information about a country far away from us.


Best Animation film Prize

the greatest gift

The Greatest Gift

By Kamila Fernandes

Captivating for the quality of the manual drawing in combination with the graphics, starting from a distant history that makes you think.


Best Experimental film Prize

edha dadhecha

Edha Dadhecha

By Dan Sokolowski

A bridge of suggestions between Indian legends and US country atmospheres that help to think about how the time of man and that of the Earth flow at very different rates.

menzioni speciali otr 2021

Honorable mentions

Of Organizing Committee
fantastic mr tulip

Fantastic mr. Tulip

By Orest Smilianets

For being able to tell with a contemporary eye, and at the same time with mastery of cinematographic language and elegance, a difficult journey with simple tools.


CHICCO the sand grain

By Livia Cei & Elena Bonaccorsi

A special recognition for the video dedicated to kindergarten with the aim of telling a little geological story and starting to educate the citizens of tomorrow.