The evaluation procedure of the videos  will be performed in two phases of judgment by the Organizing and Selection Committee, and subsequently by the Panel of Judges. Discover the details.


The Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges will examine the finalist videos, and will award the prizes.
comitati marco amanti

Marco Amanti

ISPRA, Applied Geology and Hydrogeology, Head

lucia angiolini 2019

Lucia Angiolini

SPI President

comitati luigi bignami

Luigi Bignami

Scientific journalist

comitati nicola casagli

Nicola Casagli

President of the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics

comitati daniele castelli

Daniele Castelli

SIMP President

sandro conticelli 2019

Sandro Conticelli

SGI President

carlo doglioni 2019

Carlo Doglioni

INGV President

stefano paolo giussani 2019

Stefano Paolo Giussani

Author of documentaries

comitati andrea moccia

Andrea Moccia

Founder and Editorial Director Geopop

alessandro puliti 2019

Alessandro Puliti

Eni S.p.A.

comitati mario tozzi

Mario Tozzi

CNR researcher and essayist

The Organizing and Selection Committee

The Organizing Committee has the task of verifying the relevance of the contents of the films sent by the competitors and the presence of the requirements, as per regulation. It also has the task of selecting the films, which will have access to the second evaluation phase.

Elisabetta Erba

Coordinator of the SGI Outreach Committee, University of Milano

Stefano Poli

University of Milan

Luca Mariani

Film maker

Nadia Malaspina

SIMP, University of Milano-Bicocca

Bernardo Cesare

University of Padova

Dawid Iurino

SPI, University of Rome "La Sapienza"