Here below you can find rules and regulation applicable to the "On the Rocks" contest. Here you can find all details regarding the registration, requirements, participation and awards. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



"On the Rocks" is the first Italian Video Contest organized by the Italian Geological Society (SGI), Italian Society for Mineralogy and Petrology (SIMP), Italian Paleontological Society (SPI), which asks all participants to tell their research, their discovery or new ideas about Earth in a creative, totally informal form.

The participants shall create a video of a maximum duration of 3 minutes. All audio-visual techniques are accepted: from cartoon to keep / stop motion, from an amateur film (shot with the phone) to a professional video.

The contest is open from 15 March 2019. Submissions to the four categories are allowed until 24:00 on 5 July 2019.

From 1 July o 20 July 2019, participants (anybody who has submitted a video) can send a video with a maximum duration of 50 seconds containing the most interesting or curious sequences gathered behind the scenes during the main video production, or funny sequences ("blooopers") deleted from the 3-minute video presented in the competition.

From April 1, 2019, the videos will be uploaded, in chronological order, to the YouTube channel "On the Rocks", after a verification by the Organizing and Selection Committee (see section 7.3). Starting from 1 July 2019, in chronological order, the 50 second videos will be uploaded to the YouTube channel "On the Rocks", after verification by the Organizing and Selection Committee (see point 7.3).

The videos will also be promoted through all online and offline channels, including events, fairs and conferences, as a tool to spread geological "culture".


The competition is open to students, graduate students, researchers, professionals and Geology enthusiasts of any age, who can participate individually or in groups.

Each participant makes the SGI, SIMP and SPI, as well as all those who help in organizing and conducting this competition, free from any and all liability, civil or criminal, related to the video production and publishing. Each participant responds directly in relation of any claim or claim for damages by third parties, concerning production, publishing or distributing the video.

By participating to the competition and by submitting the video, each participant confirms full and unconditional legal and material ownership of the same, as well as the ownership of all the relevant authorizations given by all persons who, for whatever reason, are portrayed in the video clips.


3.1 Only one 180 seconds-video is allowed to be submitted by each participant. Also, only one 50 second video is allowed to be submitted by each participant.

3.2 Participants must fill-in and submit the registration form to the Contest, through the website, clearly indicating the " url path" and/or the "link" to access the videos (Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud services). On the form, under "Video Title", the title to be attributed to the video submitted must be indicated. The form must be completed no later than 24:00, July 5, 2019, i.e. the deadline for participation to the Contest.

3.3 The Video Contest is divided in four categories:

a. three years in three minutes – reserved to PhDs (i.e. students currently working on research projects or to PhDs who have achieved the title not before a three years' period, starting from the due date referred to in section 3.2). The idea is to condense their three years long research in only three minutes;

b. rolling stones - for scientists or geology amateurs who want to tell a research or a story about the Earth; and for professionals, independent or employed in industry, working in the field of geology;

c. young geologists - reserved for students of primary and secondary schools, high school, as well as for undergraduates, which could participate also as a group, represented by a group-leader, as specified in section 3.5.

d. rocks and food - for anyone who wants to tell how rocks, minerals or fossils are around or inside our dishes.

3.4 In case of individual participation, the participant needs to provide complete identification data, in addition to the email address, the phone and any social profiles, through the registration form. The registration form must be completed in full and returned along with a copy of participant ID, as specified in the website If the participant is a minor, permission is needed from a parent or legal tutor.

3.5 In case of group participation, complete identification data of all the participants are requested, where only one person will be requested to be identified as the group leader, which will be the contact person for communications. The registration form must be validated by the group leader, which will provide all of the data described in section 3.4. Each person can participate in one group only. In presence of minors, the group leader must be an adult and assume all the necessary authorizations by the minors' parents.

3.6 Incomplete participation applications will not be considered.

3.7 The videos posted on the YouTube channel will be introduced by an image containing the Video Contest logo, the logos of the organizing societies (SGI, SIMP and SPI) and of the sponsors.

3.8  The 6 videos pre-selected for each category (section 3.3) will be announced on July 8, 2019. and then evaluated by the Panel of Judges

3.9 From 1 to 20 July 2019, participants who have filled out and signed the registration form (see section 3.2) will be able to send a video with a maximum duration of 50 seconds, following the same instructions detailed above.

3.10 The Panel of Judges (see section 7.2) will award prizes to the top two videos of the four categories of the Video Contest by July 18, 2019

3.11 The Organizing and Selection Committee will award the "Bloopers" prize by September 1, 2019.


The Video Contest approves only one single video for each participant and/or group of participants. Only one 50 second video will subsequently be admitted for the awarding of the prize to sequences shot behind the scenes or discarded for the editing of the video in competition.

The videos will be used on the internet, or in other public screenings and events, and it is therefore advised to submit an HD version(1920x1080). Mandatorily, the maximum duration is 3 minutes; longer videos will be rejected. Videos will adopt an aspect ratio 16:9. Formats allowed are: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV; Frame rate admitted: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, o 60; audio codec: AAC-LC. Bitrate video suggested is 12 Mbps; bitrate audio 384 Kbps.


All prizes are awarded to the video, independently from the numbers of authors.
  • 1st prize video classified in each category will receive a prize of € 1000.00, a free 2020 annual SGI, SIMP and SPI membership, contribution to travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the award ceremony, according to a flat rate defined by the Organizing and Selection Committee.
  • 2nd prize video classified in each category will receive a prize of € 600.00 and a free 2020 annual SGI, SIMP and SPI membership.
  • The "Bloopers" award to the 50 second video, containing the most interesting or curious sequences gathered behind the scenes during the recordings, or funny sequences ("bloopers") deleted from the 3-minute video presented in competition.

This Contest does not fall within the scope of Presidential Decree 430 of 26/10/2001, art. 6, paragraph a, since the contest is not considered a "prize contest" and is not, therefore, subject to ministerial authorization. The awards are to be considered as "awards to culture", therefore not be subject to the withholding tax regime (see Resolution of 10.28.1976 prot. 1251 Ministry of Finance - Direct Taxes).


All videos will be evaluated to verify compliance with the requirements of the Video Contest and suitability for online publication, also in terms of content in accordance with section 7.1, at the discretion of the Organizing and Selection Committee. The participants or group leaders will be informed, via e-mail, about the main stages of the process: approval, requirements not achieved, request changes / additions.

Videos that are found not eligible to be published or for which there has been misconduct of the authors, will be excluded or removed from the dedicated channel, at any time. Whenever the video receives comments on the YouTube channel containing abusive or discriminatory content, or that may offend or harm the reputation of others, comments will be removed or commenting will be blocked.

Videos submitted for the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Video Contest "On the Rocks" are not eligible to participate to the 2019 edition.

At any time, without that participants can make any claim, demand or compensation, the Italian Geological Society reserves the right:

a) not to proceed with the awarding of prizes in case no video is considered suitable or appropriate to the criteria;
b) to proceed or not to proceed with the award in the presence of only one video remains in the competition;
c) to suspend the contest or not to award any prize.


7.1 The evaluation procedure for the awarding of the First and Second Prizes provides two stages of judgment: the first by the Organizing and Selection Committee, the second by the Panel of Judges. The members of these bodies will not receive any compensation for their activities.

7.2 Evaluation procedure: The members of the Organizing and Selection Committee and Panel of Judges will individually evaluate the videos on the basis of the following criteria: creativity, technical realization, storytelling, communicative.

7.3 The established Organizing and Selection Committee is composed of Luigi Bignami (Science writer and journalist), Luca Mariani (Film director and video maker), Elisabetta Erba, (Coordinator of the SGI Outreach Committee, University of Milano), Stefano Poli (Member of the SGI Outreach Committee, University of Milan), Gianluca Frijia (SGI, University of Ferrara), Nadia Malaspina (SIMP, University of Milano-Bicocca), Massimo Bernardi (SPI, MUSE, Trento), Luigi Dallai (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa). The Organizing and Selection Committee will verify the absence of abusive or discriminatory content, or that may offend or harm the reputation of others; irrelevant to the subject of the Video Contest (off topic); promotion or supporting illegal activities or any form of crime; defamation or threats. It will also verify absence of personal attacks of any kind or any direct or indirect abusive comments directed at any ethnic group, political or religious minorities or specific or able to harm in any way the rights of each single individual; as well as the absence of details in the promotion of products or services, sexual content or sexual content links, trade promotion, and comments that present sensitive data in violation of the Privacy Act.

The Organizing and Selection Committee will also have the task of selecting 6 videos for each category, that will access as finalists to the second phase of the evaluation process (see section 7.4).

Finally, the Organizing and Selection Committee will assign the "Bloopers" prize to the best 50 second video, containing the most interesting or curious sequences gathered behind the scenes, or funny sequences ("bloopers") deleted from the video of 3 minutes presented in the competition.

7.4 The established Panel of Judges is composed of Sandro Conticelli (SGI President), Piergiulio Cappelletti (SIMP President), Lucia Angiolini (SPI President), Mario Tozzi (CNR researcher and essayist), Carlo Doglioni (President of Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia), Stefano Laporta (President of Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale), Cristina Pedicchio (President of Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale), Alessandro Puliti (Eni S.p.A.), Francesco Peduto (President of Consiglio Nazionale dei Geologi), Stefano Paolo Giussani (Documentary scriptwriter), María Perlado (videomaker, winner of On The Rocks 2018, category Rolling Stones).


Participation in the Video Contest implies the transfer of usage rights of the SGI, SIMP and SPI for any online and offline promotional purposes, including events, exhibitions and conferences, related to the theme of geology.

More specifically the transfer of use and property rights involves the authorization to use the audio-visual material produced and involves the grant of a license, unlimited in time in favor of the SGI, SIMP and SPI, the product material and is inclusive, but not limited to, the following rights and powers: the right of publication, the right of reproduction and with any audio-visual support, right transcription, editing, adaptation, processing and / or reduction, the right of communication and distribution to the public or in spheres and spaces open to the public non-profit, right to publish in electronic format via the public network, the institutional intranets and social networks.

The Contest participants guarantee as of now:

a) audiovisual footage are originals and copyright free and/or legally bought materials, images and sounds, for which participants have acquired all editorial rights, relieving as of now the SGI, SIMP and SPI from any claim made by third parties;

b) the audio-visuals created will not include any audio or visual element that has an advertising nature, according to current regulations, or otherwise unlawful under applicable regulations;

c) for individuals, possibly represented, and / or portrayed and / or interviewed in the audio-visual coverage will grant the right of exploitation of their image free of charge, assuming that the SGI, SIMP and SPI guarantee as of now that by that the use of their image rights will not result in injury or harm to the honor, reputation and dignity of the person portrayed;

d) For individuals under age, possibly represented, and / or portrayed and / or interviewed in the audiovisual footage you will ensure the acquisition of consent from the parent or legal tutor, be it natural or legal person, assuming that the right of exploitation of' picture of the child will be free of charge and that as of now the SGI, SIMP and SPI guarantee that the use of image rights will not result in injury or harm to the honor, reputation and dignity of the child;

e) when submitting the audiovisual footage you have been obtained by all subjects eventually recovered and / or present in the filming, all permissions and clearances necessary according to these Conditions of Participation also with reference to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 ("Code regarding the processing of personal data") and to be able to provide at the request of the SGI, SIMP and SPI the relevant proof documents no later than 10 days from the request also made by e-mail.

The videos will not be returned and will be made available, in full or in part, by citing the authors, as promotional materials of geological culture, as well with the projection in the SGI, SIMP and SPI offices, as well at events, fairs and conferences in which it participates. The SGI, SIMP and SPI reserve the right to include at the beginning or in the end of the video a sequence containing their own brand and a "claim" with the author of the video reference. Although not provided for in this Regulation expressly refers to the L 633/1941 ("Protection of copyright and other rights relating to its exercise") and subsequent amendments.


All the information and Video Contest details are published in this Regulation.

Additional information is contained in the pages dedicated to the registration and the event. For more information you can write to the following email address:

Participation in the Video Contest constitutes acceptance of each of the articles of this Regulation.
Rome, March 10, 2019