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This is the category for anyone who wants to tell how rocks, minerals or fossils are around or inside our dishes.
rocce in cucina

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rocce in cucina on the rocks

Minerals and rocks have accompanied man in the development of civilization and above all in cooking.

At first the rocks were used solely as utensils, starting from flint or slabs for cooking; subsequently they provided peculiarities in the organoleptic properties of food, just think of the importance of salt; finally they imposed themselves for their aesthetic significance, thanks to the inimitable variety of texture, design,colors.

Look around in the kitchen, at the restaurant, at the market and look for how the rocks of your territory are linked to the processing of raw materials, to their processing, to cooking food, to presentation on the table.

You could be the first "rock chef"!


There are no restrictions on the subjects. Similarly, all realization formats are approved: from a cartoon realized in first person to a voice narration.
Even photos and music can tell a fascinating geological phenomenon.

The imagination should not have any limits . . .