An evaluation procedure in two phases is expected from a Selection Committee a Panel of Judges and a Committee of Honor. Find out the details.


The Selection Committee

The purpose of the Selection Committee is to verify the presence of requested contents and their relevance in the videos submitted, according to the contest rules. The Selection Committee will identify 6 videos from each category, worth editorial suggestions and tutorial help provided by experts, before being submitted to the second phase of the evaluation process.
comitati luigi bignami

Luigi Bignami

Science writer and journalist

comitati luca mariani

Luca Mariani

Film director and video maker

comitati stefano poli

Stefano Poli

University of Milan, "la Statale"

comitati antonello provenzale

Antonello Provenzale

CNR - National Research Council.

The Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges will examine the 18 finalist videos, possibly revised, and will award the first and second prizes for each of the three categories of the Video Contest by 12 July 2017. Evaluation will be based on originality, creativity, and consistency with the purpose and theme of the Contest.
comitati elisabetta erba

Elisabetta Erba

President of the Italian Geological Society

comitati jacopo loredan

Jacopo Loredan

Director of Focus Magazine

comitati mario tozzi

Mario Tozzi

CNR researcher and essayist

comitati davide riva

Davide Riva

Film director and video maker

The Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee will attend the awards ceremony. The Committee will examine the 18 finalist videos during the Congress of the Italian Geological Society in Pisa, 4-6 September 2017 and designate the winner of the Special Award of the Honorary Committee. In addition, the Committee will ensure the correctness of the special "Social" Prize awarding, assigned to the video scoring highest number of "likes" within 3 September 2017 at 12:00.
comitati elisabetta erba

Elisabetta Erba

President of the Italian Geological Society

comitati cristina pedicchio

Cristina Pedicchio

President Experimental Geophysical Observatory

comitati carlo doglioni

Carlo Doglioni

resident of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

comitati massimo inguscio

Massimo Inguscio

President of the CNR (National Research Council)

comitati loredana prosperi

Loredana Prosperi

President Federation of European Education in Gemmology

comitati marco sacchi

Marco Sacchi

President of the Committee IODP-Italia

comitati francesco peduto

Francesco Peduto

President of the National Council of Geologists

comitati susanna occhipinti

Susanna Occhipinti

National Association of Teachers of Natural Science