Young Geologist

This category is open to participation by all students of any age; from elementary school to university, with stories by classroom students who study the planet Earth.

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On The Rocks

By Nicola Formicola Among the many geological and natural beauties that my region can dare, I have chosen perhaps a part that is unknown to most. The Matese is ...

On The Rocks

By Chiara Arminio In the video there are photos taken at the mineralogy museum of Naples. This project encloses, in a few words, the importance of geology in ...

On The Rocks

By Giuseppe Paschetto It is often difficult to see outcrops of litotypes presents in a certaine place. On the contrary it is easy to find them in walls, ...

On The Rocks

By Giuseppe Lo Mauro "Reef" is the story of a student who's looking for a coral reef in the Mediterranean sea. Although it's impossible ...

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For a hundred years we tried to tell the Earth through images.

This is what we ask of you, students of all levels, up to University, which have a special interest for our planet, the planet on which we put our feet every day and who we may not know well.

Try to tell a piece of this planet, it doesn't necessarily need to be about a distant mountain or Australia; It can also be from the neighbourhood, from inside the house, in any form that you feel appropriate: as a cartoon, a video story, a voice narration or with photographs.

You need to pass on to others your curious impression, why it attracts you; participate to tell a little piece of ancient history of the planet on which we live.


What distinguishes this category from the others is the age of the competitors and the fact that they are students of any school.

There are no restrictions on the subjects. Similarly, all realization formats are approved: from a cartoon realized in first person to a voice narration.
Even photos and music can tell a fascinating geological phenomenon.

The imagination should not have any limits . . .

The jury will take into account the age difference, so you must not put younger students off, just because they will compete in the same category as university students.