Rolling Stones

This category is for researchers, geologists, professionals, geology-fans, who want to tell a story about the Earth.
rolling stones

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This is a call for all of you which are passionately working with geology as a profession or just for your free time.

Professionals, professors, researchers and simply amateurs can join, but you should believe that there is a fundamental difference between "being a geologist" or "working as a geologist." Yes, because geologists are not simply "doing" a job, they are living it.

And that's what we wish to explain to people who do not know geology; we shall excite and intrigue them by showing what has become our professional life and our calling.

Just like Rolling Stones!


The videos of this category have a greater freedom of choice in addressing issues of any kind. The videos could be created by an individual participant or a group of participants, with storytelling and reconstructions of geological phenomena or events in the present or in the geological past.

In this category, the videos may regard the geology of Italy or any other country or of the planets.

Do not rule out any form of creation: from the cartoon to the story in the first person, to voice narration. Even just pictures and music can tell a fascinating geological phenomenon. The imagination does not have boundaries ...