3 years in 3 Minutes

This category is open to all graduate students or recent "PhDs" to communicate with a three-minutes video their own research project developed in three-year.
3 anni in 3 minuti

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On The Rocks

By Geoffrey Lerner Mt. Taranaki is an active volcano on New Zealand's north Island, but there is no written record of any of its eruptions. What geological ...

On The Rocks

By Giovanni Boschis The relationship between climate, glaciers and morphology is so obvious to the academic world and research, as still unappreciated by the ...

On The Rocks

By Manuela Delluniversità The idea illustrates the research project as a journey in a train. First, it talks about of chert and why is essential to study ...

On The Rocks

By Silvia Massaro Complex transitions between effusive and explosive eruptive styles are frequently observed at many volcanoes around the world. The main ...

On The Rocks

By Claudia Caruso This video shows my Ph.D. work in Ichnology. I studied sedimentary deposits cropping out in the Ionian Calabria (Southern Italy). Thanks to ...

On The Rocks

By Anouk Beniest The South Atlantic domain is one of the most classical rift-to-spreading systems on earth. To better understand continental rifting and ...

On The Rocks

By Giorgia Lucianetti The video is a VLOG regarding a tipical day of my Phd project in Hydrogeology. I filmed the field activities that I carried out in my ...

On The Rocks

By Gioachino Roberti This video describes my PhD research activity at Mt Meager, in Canada. Mt Meager is an ice-clad volcano and the glaciers are rapidly ...


The video which should not exceed three minutes, could be realized in first person, as if it were a true story, or in third person or in any other suitable manner.

Do not limit the creative ways to make the most out of the valuable material collected and processed during the years of research.

In case that you haven't been collecting videos during your research work, you could always elaborate the collected photos to gain a higher value of content and scenography.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the video is to tell the general public about your own research: The simplicity of the terms used or their explanation, in case they are needed, will be an important factor during the Jury's judgment.

Try to tell with a three-minutes story your three years of research; but it is a "story"!

Avoid slides as usually presented at congresses; Try to be creative and use outcrops, rocks, lab instrumentations along with non geological examples to attract non-specialists in your research

Explain why and in which way your research is important, fascinating, relevant for society!

Good luck."

Mario Tozzi