3 years in 3 Minutes

This category is open to all graduate students or recent "PhDs" to communicate with a three-minutes video their own research project developed in three years.
3 anni in 3 minuti

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On The Rocks

By Giulia Bosio I have made "Let's ask volcanoes how old whales are" to tell my PhD experience and to explain my research. In the last three years, from ...

On The Rocks

By Sophie Alexander My video is based on my Phd research. I am attempting to constrain changes in ocean circulation 50 million years ago. To do so, I use fish ...

On The Rocks

By Stacy Phillips A famous geologist once said "I don't believe in looking at a mountain through a microscope." In this video I explain, through ...

On The Rocks

By Davide Comboni "3 years in 3 minutes to explain" is thought of as a flash video, in which I try to explain why, how and what I discovered during my ...

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Three years in three minutes: You, PhDs and graduate candidates, which are present in the "research world" or just in the beginning, try to "story tell" your three years research study in three minutes!

Get out of the world of congresses' presentation slides, which are fine in that forum; try to be creative and to tell in three minutes the work of three years; show the field work, show the rocks, your laboratory, the result of your research.
Explain thoroughly why your research is important!

Good luck!


The video which should not exceed three minutes, could be realized in first person, as if it were a true story, or in third person or in any other suitable manner.

Do not limit the creative ways to make the most out of the valuable material collected and processed during the years of research.

In case that you haven't been collecting videos during your research work, you could always elaborate the collected photos to gain a higher value of content and scenography.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the video is to tell the general public about your own research: The simplicity of the terms used or their explanation, in case they are needed, will be an important factor during the Jury's judgment.